Recycling Guidelines


The most common item recycled is aluminum cans. This is also easiest to collect and transport.

The most common collection method is to place a liner inside a 30 gal (approx.) container with lid and cut a 3 ½” hole in the top. Container needs to be labeled with recycle logo and name of organization. CFC can supply these labels.

This container needs to be monitored for collection on a routine basis.

Location is critical to the success of collection. High traffic areas will yield the highest success.

Events such as golf tournaments, cookouts, ball games and sporting events work well. Businesses, schools and ballparks work well for long-term collection. Remember to get permission prior to placing any bin for collection.

Emphasize use of Aluminum cans at such events.


Numerous other metal products can also be collected and the dividends substantial.

Often these items are more difficult to obtain and transport but will generally yield high payments.

Items such as appliances, old gym sets, ceiling fans, electric motors, car parts, farm equipment and wire just to name a few.

It is best to have several volunteer members of your organization go direct to the collection point to obtain these items. Often times a truck or trailer will be required.

Generally, advertising will generate the most response for other metal items. Having contributors bring donation materials directly to CFC and designate the material as a contribution to your organization would be the optimum situation.

Please direct any questions to the staff at CFC Recycling.