About Us

About CFC Recycling, Inc.

CFC Recycling, Inc. is a family-owned, full service scrap metal recycling and processing facility that began as an aluminum can recycler in 1989. Since that time, CFC has gained vast experience within the recycling service industry and is well respected as an ethical and transparent operator in all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metals.

CFC Recycling, Inc. is purpose built with our scrap metal yard offering state-of-the-art weighing, scrap recycling and materials handling equipment. Our trained staff works closely with you to provide the best service and pricing available.

CFC Recycling, Inc. strives for compliance with environmental regulatory requirements and operates as a friend of the environment. CFC provides recycling opportunities to local and regional businesses and the surrounding community. CFC communicates the environmental policy and maintains open communications on environmental items with all employees. CFC examines future decisions and operates daily with environmental considerations by maintaining diligence to the CFC commodities acceptance policy and by documenting roles, responsibilities and work instructions for personnel associated with activities that could have an environment impact.